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Three New Language Apps Released

Over the past six months VACL has released three new language apps in collaboration with Traditional Owner Groups and Miromaa. With the use of these apps, communities are able to learn and share their languages, connect further with culture and strenghten the revival of Victorian Aboriginal Languages. 


This App is an introduction to the Tati Tati, Mutti Mutti, Latji Latji and Wadi Wadi languages of north-western Victoria. The content in this App was developed by Brendan Kennedy and the Aboriginal community in Robinvale, in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

Tyalingi Logo



This app in an introduction to the Wadawurrung language of the region that encompasses the Geelong and Ballarat ares of Victoria. The content of this app was produced in partnership with the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation and the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages. 

wadawurrung logo



This app is an introduction to the Taungurung Language of central Victoria. The content of this app was developed through a series of workshops with Taungurung community and Buxton Primary School students. These workshops were led by Dhaagung Wurrung (Taungurung) Elder Aunty Lee Healy, Linguist and Project Coordinator with Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. Content was developed in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

“Taungurung Language expresses our spiritual life, linking both people and land, language and land together. It is integral to linking past, present and future for all Australians. We believe that language revival is most important for gathering, learning and practising the lost ceremonial songs, dances and spiritual stories of our culture. We would like to acknowledge past and present Taungurung people for their wealth of knowledge and giving the next generation foundations from which to move forward. Their work will be valued for generations to come.” – Aunty Lee Healy. 

Taungurung Language App Logo


We would like to extend a big congratulations to our friends at Miromaa for winning Organisation of the Year at the inaugural Dreamtime Awards! The team at Miromaa do a wonderful job of creating these apps and supporting language revival projects in Victoria. We're very pleased to hear they have been acknowledged in this significant way! 

For free downloads, using your apple device, click on the images above or visit the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages on the app store here and see the full range of digital resources available. 

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:19

Woi wurrung Language Goes Digital!

Ancient Language in Modern Times: WOI WURRUNG LANGUAGE GOES DIGITAL

Thornbury Primary School students make giant leaps for digital language reclamation in Victoria! On Monday the 20th of April VACL launched three interactive digital storybooks at Thornbury Primary School, featuring Creation Stories of the Wurundjeri People in both Woi wurrung and English. 

The  release of the Apps marks Thornbury Primary School’s fourth year of commitment to teaching and learning Woi wurrung, with the support of key Wurundjeri Elders.

As part of the project 15 Indigenous students from Thornbury Primary School were selected to create illustrations and record narratives for the digital storybooks. The student’s creative use of language, art and technology has enabled the telling of Balayang Wurrgarrabil-ut (Why Bats are Black), Dulaiwurrung Mungka-nj-bulanj (How the Platypus Was Made) and Gurrborra Nguba-nj Ngabun Baanj (Why the Koala doesn’t Drink Water) to a global audience.

VACL, VAEAI and Thornbury Primary School celebrated the launch of the Apps with a special assembly at Thornbury Primary School. The assembly was attended by all students, interested parents and special guests including VACL Board Members Vince Kirby, Uncle Sandy Atkinson and Brendan Kennedy; VACL staff Paul Paton (Executive Officer), Mandy Nicholson (Project Officer & Woi wurrung Language Worker), Jenny Gibson (Administrative Officer) and Emma Hutchinson (Digital Projects Officer); Aunty Geraldine Atkinson (President VAEAI); Uncle Lionel Bamblett (General Manager VAEAI); Vaso Elefsiniotis (Policy & Research Officer VAEAI); Uncle Phil Cooper (Koorie/Woi wurrung Educator Thornbury Primary School); Julie Reid (Languages Program Manager VCAA); Maree Dellora (Languages Curriculum Manager VCAA) and Karen Mazurek (Principal Thornbury Primary School).

The development of these digital resources will support language reclamation and revitalisation activities in Victorian schools and communities. VACL would like to thank everyone who attended the launch and offer a special congratulations to all the students involved in creating these groundbreaking new resources.

The Apps are available now for FREE download at the App Store, for use on iPad (coming to iPhone soon).

Available on the App Store


 For more information about the Schools Digital Resource Project click here

To see a selection of images from the apps and the launch, scroll down.

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Sharing some snaps from VACL's trip to Warrnambool & Heywood this week.

VACL is working with Warrnambool Primary School and Heywood & District Secondary College to create some exciting new digital story books.  Last week VACL members Paul Paton, Joel Wright and Emma Hutchinson, together with Victoria University student Ben Townsend, headed up to Warrnambool to speak with the staff and students of Warrnambool Primary School and Heyward District Secondary College.

The books will feature Gunditjmara Creation stories, illustrated and narrated by the students themselves. VACL is very excited to be collaborating with the schools and community to help see their creation stories come to life!

For more information about the Gunditjmara Qbooks Project click here.

For more information about the Schools Digital Resource Project click here.


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Tuesday, 27 May 2014 11:45

Book Launch!

Aboriginal Historical and Language Resources Launch

After several years of research, the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation of Languages (VACL) held a multi-book launch on the 10th of June to celebrate the release of three new publications. Each of these publications plays a role in celebrating VACL’s 20th year of language revival in Victoria.

The Journey Cycles of the Boonwurrung – 2nd Edition builds on the first edition written by Aunty Carolyn Briggs, and is a compilation of traditional Boonwurrung stories written with Boonwurrung Language. The book is significant in raising awareness of the connection to country, language and heritage for the people living on Boonwurrung land.

tyama-teeyt yookapa: Interviews from the Meeting Point Project is a collection of stories, reflections and hopes about Language revival in Australian Aboriginal communities extracted from a series of interviews carried out during 2009-10. It contains insights into every aspect of language revival from culture, relationships and identity, through grammar, sounds and spelling, to considerations of collaborative research and the meaning of authenticity.

The Journal of Assistant Protector William Thomas 1839-67 is to be released as a four-volume set.  These books contain extensive transcribed and annotated text, images of the original text, and a volume of the Kulin language drawn from Thomas’s journals. Thomas is one of the few Europeans who described the cultural life of Aboriginal Australians with a sense of empathy; as a result his journals are one of the most important primary sources in Australian history.

The release of these new publications is part of the continuing movement to retrieve, revive and strengthen Indigenous Languages for Aboriginal people in Australia and demonstrates VACL’s continued commitment to supporting communities in the revival of Indigenous Languages for Aboriginal people in Australia.



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