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Taungurung Language Program


Linguist and Project Coordinator | Aunty Lee Healy

Telephone | +61 3 5784 1433 

Email | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Program


The Taungurung Language Program initially employed Bill Nicholson Jr as the Project Officer who gathered the language of Taungurung people. Further there was a period whereby Gary Hansen was in the position temporarily for a six month period. The program did not have a person in the position for some time until Judy Monk commenced employment in March 2004 as the Project Officer.

The project has a proactive Steering Committee, which is drawn from the Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. The Steering Committee meet on a regular basis and they have set in place recommendations for the language program.

Initially any language which has been gathered is for Taungurung people:

Investigate funding agencies for the purpose of development of a teaching component for passing on language.

Develop education tools for the purpose of Taungurung people to revive their language.

There are two primary projects that the program is currently undertaking:

1. The development of a language book which includes the following which has translations into language:

  • Environment
  • Fauna & Flora
  • Tools & Utensils
  • Creation Stories
  • Rivers & Place names

2. Development of Educational Tools for use by students.

VACL welcomes all comments and feedback on this page, however if you have a specific language enquiry please click here and complete our Submit a Language Query online application form.