Ngingal Training Workshops

Introducing the revised  NGINGAL MENU - Training Workshops

Ngingal 2012(Ngingal means 'YOURS' in Gunai-Kurnai language)

VACL linguistics workshops are about you taking control over the linguistic tools for your language.

All workshops are adapted to use examples and practice in your language. When you have completed basic linguistics training through these workshops you can also enrol in our Advanced Ngingal – Linguistics Intensive Retreat. The Ngingal Menu also includes workshops in technology, education and more. Workshops can be targeted to an ongoing language program, a community-school partnership, or a specific goal or project. Ask us to help design your community a workshop series appropriate to your language situation.

There is no minimum to how many workshops you choose.

Check out the workshop options below in the attached document and contact us to organise.

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