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The Bangerang people who live in the Murray Goulburn area are known as the Bangerang people. Their country covers from near Shepparton across to Echuca, up to Deniliquin (N.S.W.)
back across to Finley, down to Katandra and finished back near Shepparton.

The Bangerang Nation consists of the Moirathban, Toolinyagan, Wolithiga, Kailthban, Ngarrimowro, Angootheraban and the Pikkolatpan tribes.

The Bangerang are river people as the Murray, Goulburn, Campaspe, Edwards and Broken Rivers, and Broken Creek flows through their country.

Prior to colonisation, each tribe of the Bangerang looked after and cared for the country within their tribal boundaries, but become one nation when war threatened from other Koorie Nations.

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