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Three New Language Apps Released

Over the past six months VACL has released three new language apps in collaboration with Traditional Owner Groups and Miromaa. With the use of these apps, communities are able to learn and share their languages, connect further with culture and strenghten the revival of Victorian Aboriginal Languages. 


This App is an introduction to the Tati Tati, Mutti Mutti, Latji Latji and Wadi Wadi languages of north-western Victoria. The content in this App was developed by Brendan Kennedy and the Aboriginal community in Robinvale, in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

Tyalingi Logo



This app in an introduction to the Wadawurrung language of the region that encompasses the Geelong and Ballarat ares of Victoria. The content of this app was produced in partnership with the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation and the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages. 

wadawurrung logo



This app is an introduction to the Taungurung Language of central Victoria. The content of this app was developed through a series of workshops with Taungurung community and Buxton Primary School students. These workshops were led by Dhaagung Wurrung (Taungurung) Elder Aunty Lee Healy, Linguist and Project Coordinator with Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. Content was developed in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

“Taungurung Language expresses our spiritual life, linking both people and land, language and land together. It is integral to linking past, present and future for all Australians. We believe that language revival is most important for gathering, learning and practising the lost ceremonial songs, dances and spiritual stories of our culture. We would like to acknowledge past and present Taungurung people for their wealth of knowledge and giving the next generation foundations from which to move forward. Their work will be valued for generations to come.” – Aunty Lee Healy. 

Taungurung Language App Logo


We would like to extend a big congratulations to our friends at Miromaa for winning Organisation of the Year at the inaugural Dreamtime Awards! The team at Miromaa do a wonderful job of creating these apps and supporting language revival projects in Victoria. We're very pleased to hear they have been acknowledged in this significant way! 

For free downloads, using your apple device, click on the images above or visit the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages on the app store here and see the full range of digital resources available. 

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