The Journal of Assistant Protector William Thomas 1839-67 (4 volume set)

The Journal of Assistant Protector William Thomas 1839-67 (4 volume set)

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This series presents 28 years of Thomas' journals, transcribed and annotated by Dr Marguerita Stephens (Vols 1-3). Vol 4 provides a substantial collection of Thomas' records of Kulin language - some reworked from earlier transcriptions by Dr Stephen Morey.

For nearly three decades William Thomas chronicled his life and work with Aboriginal Victorians through his daily journal entries. Now this four volume set, comprehensively indexed and extensively annotated, shines new light on the history of race relations in Australia.

Thomas' detailed observations give a rare insight into the process of cultural continuity and collapse, and the agency of Victorian Aboriginal leaders in social and economic interactions with settlers and colonial administrations in a time of great social upheaval. This first-hand account repopulates Victorian history, paying respect to the work, play and lives of the Aboriginal men and women who emerge from the pages of Thomas' journal.

Winner of the 2014 Local History Project Award

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  • Author: compiled and transcribed by Marguerita Stephens & VACL
  • Publisher: Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL)
  • ISBN-13: Vol 1: 978-0-9871337-7-9, Vol 2: 978-0-9871337-8-6; Vol 3: 978-0-9871337-9-3, Vol 4: 978-0-9924696-0-3
  • Pages: Vol 1: 573, Vol 2: 567, Vol 3: 602, Vol 4: 251
  • Price: 4 volume set $150

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