Taungurung Dictionary

Taungurung Dictionary

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Liwik-nganjin-al Ngula-dhan | Our Ancestors Language

Yaawinbu Yananinon | Enjoy the Journey

Taungurung people past and present had a dream and now that dream is a reality with the publication of our language in this beautifully designed book.

This is just the beginning of a bright path that's filled with our hopes and dreams.

In our world the deepest knowledge is not only in words - it's in the meaning behind the words; in the spaces between them; in pictures or looks; in meaningful silneces; in the work of hands; in learning from journeys; in quiet reflection; in the Dreaming; and shareing ideas that have been with us forever.

Our ways of knowing, being, doing, valuing and learning remain in an ancestral foundation of knowledge that is still strong today.

We strive to maintain and strengthen our identity and connection to country through our language, cultural practices and values. The langauge is a vital component in maintaining and strengthening skills and knowledge, it is also critical to our future of what we are trying to achieve; cultural maintenance and survival as the first people of the land. 

The work that has gone into this analysed dictionary is sustained in different ways, in different places with leadership from the Elders who walked before us and who still watch over us today to give us the strength to endure the challenges we face now and in the future.

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  • Publisher: Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9871337-1-7
  • Pages: 415
  • Price: $100.00

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