Friday, 30 October 2015 11:18

Students Retell Creation Stories in Gunditjmara Languages

Students at Heywood & District Secondary College, Warrnambool Primary School, Merrivale Primary School and Warrnambool East Primary School have all contributed to a suite of six brand new Aboriginal language apps featuring local Gunditjmara languages.

Launched on the 26th October 2015, the six interactive digital storybook apps feature five traditional Gunditjmara Creation Stories and one original story about friendship and reconciliation, written by students at Warrnambool Primary School.

With the support of key Gunditjmara Elders, Laka Gunditj Language Worker Joel Wright, Koorie Engagement Support Officers, principals, teachers and local artists, students have beautifully illustrated six stories and recorded narratives in four languages; Peek wurrung, Dhauwurd wurrung, Keerray woorroong and English.

The student’s creative use of language, art and technology has enabled the telling of Windhigunga teen Gunditjmara Ween-ngat-n (How the Gunditjmara Got Fire),  Teen Kiiap Tokeeyong Kokok Moyjil-yee (The Lone Little Seagull by the Hopkins River), Mayapa-u Budj Bim (The Creation of Budj Bim), Tyu-ron teen Pitthirrit (Pitthirrit the Plover), Kayap Keeleeng (The First Lake) & Kurok-iyar, teen koytpa koy koy pulitja pa marrang ngeerangoon (Kurok-iyar, the Story of the Seven Sisters).

This digital project is a partnership between schools, Traditional Owners, Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) & Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI). The development of these digital resources will support language reclamation and revitalisation activities in Victorian schools and communities. 

The Apps are available now for download at the App Store, for use on iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Go to the App Store and search 'vacl' or 'gunditjmara'.

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