Wednesday, 18 March 2015 11:31

'Use it or Lose it' Nganhuk Lotjba show and tell

Last month VACL and the Yalka Lotpja group gathered together in a Nganhuk Lotjba or 'show and tell' of Languages.

The Manma Yepanyuk day ('to make nets together' - 'Network')  is intended as a coming together and sharing of Languages from across Victoria. This year the day was headed by Aunty Sharon Atkinson, from the Yalka Yotpja group, who hopes to encourage people to 'use it – or lose it'. 

A fantastic range of Languages were shared on the day in various ways including poetry, nursery rhymes, creation stories, word games, sign language, conversation, contemporary songs and the national anthem. 

A selection of recordings are showcased below and on our Vimeo page, make sure you  follow the links and check them out.



 More videos can be found at

Aunty Sharon Atkinson