Pages from Couzens Eira pre-pubdraftNewTreeThis article 'Meeting point: Parameters for the study of revival languages' by Vicki Couzens & Christina Eira is a pre-publication draft. The final version is published as Chapter 15 of Austin, Peter and Julia Sallabank (Eds.), Endangered Languages: Ideologies and Beliefs in Language Documentation and Revitalisation. British Academy, 2014.

"As language revival and revitalisation rapidly become primary modes of community-based work in Aboriginal Australia, the need for a theoretical foundation for the linguistic scenarios which emerge is becoming increasingly evident. Language revival presents a new situation for analysis, as the languages are simultaneoulsy researched, learned and developed in a single, overarching and ongoing process. This brings to the fore the need to account for and implement 'vernacular' approaches to language as well as 'disciplinary', as the languages are simply not available for 'objective' academic study outside of community-internal motivations, processes and analysis."

pdfMeeting point: Parameters for the study of revival languages

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